Don’t give up on yourself, YOU CAN DO IT! You have the strength, wisdom, skills, love, energy and support you need to see it thru! Sometimes when you are growing, the situations you find yourself in may feel as if it will never end. You may wonder why bother, what’s the use or feel so tired you just want to give up. You have already experienced the worst. Every moment you work on releasing the pain or dis-ease, learning a new skill, trusting in yourself, loving yourself, moving forward, etc, you are that much closer to seeing it thru. Keep working at it because before you know it you WILL reach that glorious point where you no longer struggle and you will see, you made it thru the worst you could have ever imagined and you survived! Yes, you got thru it, and the funny thing is you may not even know when it happened, one moment you felt as if it would never end and suddenly the next you realize you made it. So keep at it because YOU CAN DO IT!

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