Just as a black panther walks stealthily in the night to find its reward, The Universe is working behind the scenes in ways unseen to guide you to your goal. Although the Universe is lining things up, know that you play a big part in it. Your vibrational level, whether high or low, creates the foundation for what is to come. The Universe quietly listens to your vibration and pulls together all that is needed to match it. Have you ever noticed, when things appear to go wrong and all you focus on is how wrong/terrible it is all that seems to happen is more of the same? It seems like you don’t even have to try and more wrong stuff just keeps happening. That is the Universe responding to the call you placed your low vibration. The beauty of the Universe is that it can quickly shift to the positive the moment you do. Think of a time, maybe as you were job hunting, nothing seemed to pan out and you were in despair. Then something within you shifted, you started filling yourself with hope and suddenly opportunities started appearing. You believed you could do it, things started falling into place and before you knew it you had the job you dreamed of. Again, the Universe was responding to your vibration, working hard to line things up so you could obtain what you focused on. Remember even though you can’t see it, the Universe is always working in the background to bring you what you focus on.

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