LOL oh the Universe does have some interesting ways to get its point across…This morning as I’m pulling a card for my morning post and I pull Beaver. I’m sitting here thinking, oh no, not again. I just pulled that yesterday and I know exactly what/who is gnawing at me and I want answers how to deal with it not to be reminded that I need to work on it! So, I put the card back and start shuffling again. Suddenly a card jumps out and I look down to see Mountain Lion. Instantly I have Helen Reddy singing I Am Woman Hear Me Roar and also felt like a mother trying to protect her cubs. The interesting thing for me is the “hear me roar part” isn’t about protecting the young ones – it’s about standing my ground, speaking my truth and allowing another to fully spread his wings and fly. Instead of creating a cycle of expectations and disappointments for myself it’s time to stand my ground, but I’m not standing up to who you might think. No, I need to stand my ground with myself, it is time to let my fear hear me ROAR! Oh, and I guess you could say I am the one who is to spread her wings and fly, not who I originally thought it would be. Hmm, interesting, very interesting.

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