Communication, is such a vital part of our lives. We communicate in so many ways, verbally, physically, electronically and psychically. Sometimes because we aren’t present, differences in communication styles, or language/meanings our messages can become garbled and we misunderstand each other (then the drama starts). So as you go about your business today observe how you communicate with others. Are you one to dominate the conversation, do you listen when others are speaking, do you let others talk over you? Do you speak up when you don’t understand, for that matter, do you ask those you are speaking to if they understand? Observe not just the verbal/written communication but nonverbal as well. Is the body closed off by having arms/legs crossed or is it open and relaxed? Do the facial expressions tell a different story than the words being spoke? All of these make an impact when communicating. Notice the same thing about those you are communicating with. When doing so its best not to judge, just observe and notice what changes you can make within yourself to improve the communication between you and others.

Once you have become aware of how you communicate with others take some time to notice the communication you have with yourself. Your body is constantly communicating with you. It notifies you when you are hungry, in pain, tired, happy, sad, etc. The question is do you listen? Do you just ignore it or do you respond with the appropriate action for what it is telling you? Also, what are you communicating to your body? Do you ever praise it for the fine work it does for you? Do you send conflicting messages by working out then think or say its about not pretty, thin or strong enough for you? Do you have an open dialogue or is it just one sided? Most of us don’t think about how we communicate with our body but its the one constant that is with us always throughout this lifetime. The way we communicate with our bodies can impact everything we do during the day, if not our whole lifetime!

Now I ask, what is your communication with Spirit like? If the signals are getting crossed in your physical life chances are they are in your Spiritual life as well. Spirit is always listening, always guiding however we don’t always notice how they are communicating with us. Do you take time to stop the chatter in your mind so you can truly connect and receive guidance? Do you get messages and ignore or dismiss them? Maybe you are getting them but the symbols they use just don’t make sense. Well all of that can change. As you send your requests out to the Divine ensure that you take time to allow yourself to receive the answers. Now that doesn’t mean you will receive it right then and there but it does show that you are willing to stop and listen. When you do receive messages acknowledge and listen to them. Allow yourself the opportunity to discern if the message is from the Divine or your ego. Oh and if you don’t understand what is coming thru ask for the message in a different format one that you can understand more clearly. More than likely they are sending you the same message in multiple formats just to ensure that you do receive it!

No matter who you are communicating with remember to be open and always come from a place of love. Notice the styles and see how best you can adjust so it always flow between you and the others involved.

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