Stand your ground. Fight for what you believe in. Don’t back down. Today’s energy is about having the power within to stand up for yourself and live your truth. What others think or believe won’t always resonate with you and that’s ok. Sometimes though we are afraid of being abandoned and loosing the love of another so instead of being who we are we allow others to dictate who we should be, what we should believe in. When this happens we really abandon ourselves. Sometimes we play this game for so long we forget what we really like and who we really are. We don’t realize it but we’ve abandoned ourselves in the process. As long as we abandon ourselves we continue seeking out from others what we can provide for ourselves. We loose the ability to share our love and happiness with another because we forgot to seek it from within. The good news is that can change starting right now!

So how do you do this you may wonder. Well, first take a look at who is taking up all your time and energy. Are you doing things for others when you really don’t want to? Its OK to say no, that you cannot or will not do whatever it is they ask of you. No other explanation is needed. Saying no may feel like one of the hardest things to say, especially to family members. Their is beauty in it though. It can be the first step in releasing the codependency in a relationship. It allows you the opportunity to put you first, to maintain and build up your energy so when you feel guided you have the strength to share with others.

Sometimes standing your ground or standing up for what you believe in is more of an internal process. Reviewing your current belief system and discarding those that no longer or may never have resonated with you is a great way to stand your ground. Just because someone says you are ugly, stupid, or not smart enough doesn’t make it so. Its our choice to accept them or not and when we do that is what limits us to those words.

I know many times I chose to accept others thoughts and beliefs about me even when I knew they were not my truth. My body and soul were screaming at me but I was afraid, so instead I chose to endure the pain and suffering I inflicted upon myself. Little by little though I started reviewing my internal belief system. Questioning why I was holding onto a belief that I knew wasn’t true or ones I had no idea where they came from. As I release those that no longer serve me, are no longer part of my truth, I notice that I am standing up for myself in all types of relationships (work, family, friends). I am no longer feeling abandoned because I stopped abandoning myself. Now I know I may have moments where I may slip and that’s ok because I’m still growing, if I was done growing I wouldn’t be here.

Each of us has this power within, to stand up and fight for who we truly are. This power comes from a place of love. As long as you are coming from a place of love you are always working towards the best and highest good for all. So remember as you go throughout your day to activate the power within. Feel confident and know it is OK to stand up for who you are. You’ll love yourself for doing it too!

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