Cathlene Klippert is an Intuitive Artist, Author and Spiritual Teacher.  

Cathlene always loved to creative, whether it was macrame, crocheting, sewing or even building things. She never thought of herself as an artist until recently. 7 years ago she was exploring some of her fears and decided to pick up some colored pencils and started drawing. It was then that she discovered she could draw how she felt when it was too difficult to find the words. It gave her a voice when she felt she had none. Over time she took online classes and ventured out into new mediums and now works with mixed media. 

Cathlene left the corporate world after being entrenched in it for 30+ years to follow her passion, shining her light while helping others rediscover theirs. She combines her creativity, intuition and wisdom from her own journey of self-discovery to help others reconnect with the beautiful being within. She understands the pain and struggle her clients feel from believing they are unworthy, unloved or from hiding behind a mask. She understands because she lived it most of her adult life. Over the past 12 years Cathlene has learned how to harness the power within to shift from the pain of the past into a space of love, joy, and abundance. Her goal is to help others harness the power within themselves so they too can live a life full of love, joy and abundance. 

Cathlene is a certified Reiki I & II and Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and continues to expand her skills through workshops on various subjects including art, writing, intuition, past lives, mediumship, angels, and officiating ceremonies. In addition she has been trained in auricular therapy, hypnotherapy and past life hypnosis.