Cathlene is a certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and her passion is to help others navigate through life using intuition, creativity and self-discovery.

Although she has always been somewhat spiritually awake, it wasn’t until 2008 that Cathlene consciously started her spiritual awakening. At that time she found herself becoming angry with the world and disenchanted with what was supposed to be her dream job. Little did she know it was the catalyst that would propel her forward on a journey of self discovery.

To relieve the stress and anger she was experiencing at the time, she started listening to audiobooks at work. Divine guidance lead her to books by Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Sonia Choquette and a slew of Hay House authors. She was in what she called her sponge stage, soaking up anything and everything she could read on crystals, energy healing, intuition and angels. She became aware of the Universe communicating with her giving her encouragement and guidance each day. She discovered that when she listened to her internal guidance and the messages the Universe sent her, life became much easier and full of grace.

In 2010 Cathlene felt called to write a children’s book, I AM Worthy! a book about the power of affirmations. The book was followed by a companion card deck, New Embraceable YOU! Affirmation Healing Cards. Her most recent card deck is My First Animal Energy Cards, which guides you on how to develop your or your child’s intuition via animal energy. In addition she has also taught several workshops on intuition and self-discovery.

Cathlene is a certified Reiki I & II and Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner. She is continually expanding herself and has attended a multitude of workshops on intuition, past lives, mediumship, angels, and officiating ceremonies. In addition she has been trained in auricular therapy, hypnotherapy and past life hypnosis.